What is Coworking Toronto?


CoworkingToronto is an innovative collective of independent coworking spaces from across the GTA. Our collective is currently comprised of
15 ‘genuine’ coworking spaces in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We work together to spread the word about coworking, we share best practices to strengthen our unique communities, and we are proof that traditional ‘competitors’ can collaborate in the new shared economy.

Our goal is to make this website an online community hub for both operators and members of coworking spaces in the GTA. We want to help build better business communities, spread the word about other movements like Jellys and BarCamps, and help foster collaboration and innovation.

We are shaping the future of work in Toronto.
Want to join us?


Want to be a part of the Coworking Toronto collective?
If you run a genuine coworking space within the City of Toronto, please add your details here and we’ll be in touch.