CoworkingToronto Day 2015 Event Calendar

CT_DayCoworking has grown in Toronto, gaining attention from media and other cities from around the world, but more importantly as we come together to share best practices and strengthen the local coworking industry, our spaces are better able to support the entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, independents, consultants, and small businesses of Toronto.


We’re celebrating by making CoworkingToronto Day official on Feb 24, 2015, and even Toronto’s Mayor has joined in with a proclamation.


We’ll be documenting festivities on social media with #CoworkingTorontoDay


And what is to celebrate? Have a look:


According to the 2014 Annual Survey from Staples Canada, coworking can help telecommuters:

  • – 11% of Canadians telecommute with a flexible arrangement to work anywhere
  • – 74% of telecommuters claim to have a better work-life balance
  • – 65% of employers who allow telecommuting claim their employees are happier


According to Deskmag surveys from 2012 to 2014, coworking can help independent workers:

  • – 58% of members were working from home before joining a coworking space
  • – 80% of members acknowledged the business network of a coworking space had a positive impact on independent workers
  • – 42% of members join coworking spaces for the knowledge sharing
  • – 47% enjoy moral support from fellow members
  • – 48% often share contacts of other professionals
  • – 68% of coworkers report an improved focus
  • – 71% of coworkers report an increased creativity


And we think that is 100% reason to celebrate!


Many spaces are offering events to celebrate. Find a coworking space near you, or travel across town for an event listed below that you want to attend.


All Day

BrightLane – Making Connections (social)


CamaraderieBusiness Breakfast – Coworking Edition  (networking)


Workplace One – King East – Complimentary Coworking Pass (free coworking day)
Workplace One – Liberty Village – Complimentary Coworking Pass (free coworking day)
Workplace One – Queen West – Complimentary Coworking Pass (free coworking day)


Camaraderie – Open Coworking (free coworking day)

MakeWorks – Free Coworking Day (free coworking day)


Creative BlueprintOpen Studio (open house)
FounderyOpen Coworking (free coworking day)
High Park Commons – Co-write for Free (free coworking day)


Workplace One – Queen West – Grilled Cheese-tastic Toronto Coworking Day (social)


Join in the festivities on Feb 24 that are helping to shape the future of work in Toronto.