PLEASE NOTE: the Passport Program has expired. Thank you for participating in the program. We look forward to running it again.

The Coworking Toronto Passport Program was operated by the collective known as Coworking Toronto. It was a discovery tool for those new to or interested in coworking to try out different spaces under one Passport, and maybe even find a space to settle in for a membership. The Passport entitled the visitor to one free day at participating spaces listed on the Passport, paid in advance, and was welcome to try and/all of the participating spaces. It cost $75 if buying it at a participating space (or $82 if you wanted it mailed out).

The participating spaces where one could purchase and redeem the Passport were:

  • Camaraderie Coworking Inc
  • Centre for Social Innovation – Annex
  • Centre for Social Innovation – Spadina
  • Coworkative
  • Foundery
  • Hackernest <– closed, but redeemable at Locus Quo or Camaraderie
  • Park & Co  – unfortunately no longer available
  • Locus Quo

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