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What is

Coworking Toronto is a collective of community-driven workspaces.

Each coworking space is independently operated, yet we all share the mission of improving our members’ lives and businesses. 

We believe remote and independent workers deserve healthy, productive, safe and beautiful collaborative workspaces, and we are creating a diverse and thriving network of coworking communities for you to experience.

As a collective, we promote coworking in Toronto, and we support each other by sharing resources and best practices.

We believe in collaboration over competition, and we lead by example. We strive to achieve the global core values of coworking.

We believe we are better when we work together.


We put quality interactions and healthy communication above all else.


Working together to improve ourselves through shared experiences.


Our spaces allow members the freedom and confidence to express ideas and concepts.


Providing spaces for all walks of life, ensuring everyone has a place to become their best person possible.


It is more than just being green; it's about supporting each other and ensuring sustainable growth for all of our members.

We strive to achieve the global core values of coworking.

We’re shaping the future of work in Toronto.

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